Emirex Exchange Lists PUTinCoin (PUT)

Emirex Group | Oct 7, 2021 6:29:37 PM

We are delighted to announce that PUTinCoin (PUT) is listed on the Emirex exchange! Currently, available trading pair: PUT/BTC.

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What is PUTinCoin?

PUTinCoin is a cryptocurrency established to honor the Russian people and President Vladimir Putin. It was founded and developed to assist the rapidly expanding Russian economy, as well as the markets around it and even economies outside Russian borders.

PUTinCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that employs both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms. PUTinCoin is very flexible and profitable due to this combination of features, and it may be a one-of-a-kind investment and business opportunity.

Advantages of PUTinCoin

One of the advantages of PUTinCoin is that it is quite versatile and can thus be utilized in a variety of ways. The currency may be used by individuals for personal financial transactions, by companies for monetary operations, by traders for goods and services trades, as well as social and open-source projects. Because of its versatility, the coin is beneficial to almost everyone on the planet.

PUTinCoin's existing infrastructure comprises a variety of wallets, block-explorers, and other services. Anyone in the world may utilize the technologies, applications, and services since they are ready to use. They are also accessible from any location on earth.

PUT Tokenomics and Blockchain



Short Name 






Last POW Block 


POW Block reward 

100 PUT

POS interest 

25% per year

Stake min age 

8 hours

Stake max-age 


Min Tx fee

0.01 PUT

Max Tx fee 

0.05 PUT

Total POW coins (pre-mined)

20 billion

Total POS coins 

70 billion

Max supply 

90 billion

RPC Port 


P2P Port 



Learn more about PUTinCoin (PUT) by visiting their Website, CoinGecko, CMC, Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, or Telegram.

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