Emirex Crypto Exchange Lists Solve.Care

Emirex Group | Jul 5, 2021 10:53:40 AM

We are delighted to announce that Solve.Care ($SOLVE) is listed on the Emirex Exchange.

Current available trading pair on the Emirex exchange: SOLVE/AED 

Solve.Care is a healthcare platform company that is using blockchain in a highly innovative manner to decentralize, democratize, and improve healthcare interactions and transactions between patients and doctors worldwide. 

The Solve.Care Platform allows for the rapid configuration and launch of digital health networks that are automatically secure, tokenized, decentralized, and autonomous. 

The Solve.Care Platform is a full-stack application framework that can be used by businesses to launch networked, interoperable healthcare dApps, within weeks or even days. 

The $SOLVE token

$SOLVE is a utility token that is built into every digital health network and is used for inter/intra network payments and transaction fees. $SOLVE is a token with real-world uses, including payments within healthcare networks on the Solve.Care Platform. It also has additional uses such as developer rights, staking, marketplace payments, and platform access fees. It is a programmable token that operates as platform fuel and adds significant value in terms of audibility, reconciliation, reporting, and use. 

One example of a digital health network on the Solve.Care Platform is the Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE), Solve.Care’s telehealth solution that is currently available in 20 countries so far, which include Lebanon, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Users of this global telehealth service, which will allow for cross-border consultations will need an easy way to acquire $SOLVE to pay for their healthcare services. In Solve.Care’s mission of making healthcare as accessible as possible to everyone, it is important that $SOLVE is easily available, even to those who have little experience with digital currency.

The Care.Protocol

The Care.Protocol brings blockchain-powered digital health networks to innovators and enterprises around the world:

  • Patient medical records sharing;
  • Patient data management;
  • Patient rights management;
  • Patient data use consents and reimbursement;
  • Data interoperability —  tokenized using blockchain.

Care.Protocol is significantly enhanced with the power to launch decentralized apps (Care.Cards) that are fully networked, interoperable, tokenized, standardized, and auditable. 

It works across all the layers of the Solve.Care Platform stack, making it possible for comprehensive, decentralized, interoperable digital networks to be defined and launched quickly and cost-effectively without learning or programming at the blockchain layer. 

Care.Protocol allows all good ideas to come to life on the Solve.Care Platform. A true full-stack, blockchain platform that businesses can actually use to make healthcare work better to achieve real adoption and real ROI.

Find more about Solve.Care by following their LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, or Telegram. Start trading $SOLVE now!

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