Introduction to NEXT Protocol

Emirex Group | Feb 3, 2021 7:36:58 PM

We are delighted to introduce you to NEXT Protocol (NEXT) on the Emirex exchange.  NEXT Protocol is a next generation Blockchain and DeFi driven platform that helps developers to build, create & sell next generation robots and its associated applications like Robot Gaming and Robot NFTs. 

  • The platform is driven by NEXT Tokens which is a native ERC-20 token that users use to build and configure Robot applications. 
  • With DeFi functions built in, NEXT Token holders can stake and get a yield from their staking. 
  • The foremost use case of NEXT Protocol is NEXTiBOT,  which is an AI-based robot that is fully supported by the NEXT Protocol allowing developers to build and customize a Decentralized Robot application that can run on NEXT  tokens.
  • NEXT Tokens brings you a way to monetize NEXTiBot and Robot applications, the demand of which is soaring due to Covid-19.
  • The project’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is supervised by the Emirex exchange. 


If you have any questions regarding IEO on the Emirex exchange, feel free to contact us at Or simply fill in the form.


About Project

The NEXT Protocol is promoted by a well known Technology Solution Provider in the UAE that enables direct assignment of Robot Services by NEXTiBOT robots and other OEM robots, allowing robots to work with their tokens (transfer and mint ERC20 robot business express tokens) and sell these robots to the organizations in business habitat for use cases like Robot Receptionist, Delivery within office premises and Sanitization for virus and germ free surfaces. The robot benefit can be granted to token holders who can stake their robot tokens and earn rental income through embedded DeFi properties of Next Protocol.

The company intends to add robots to everyday life for a smarter and secured lifestyle of ours, thwarting the challenges posed by Covid 19. Its main goal is to revitalize our daily life through a human-centered design and robot experience by bringing in the positives of next-generation technology. The ecosystem that NEXT Protocol brings is a world where robots, blockchain, and virtual reality make life easier, help robots communicate with fellow human beings, and importantly have  the technology of decentralization and self-governing efforts for safety and non tamperability. It is used to build and collaborate next-generation robots and their associated application to real-life problem-solving use cases like epidemic scenarios plus Robot Gaming, Robot NFTs, and more. 

  • NEXTiBOT is an artificial intelligence enabled robot fully supported by the NEXT protocol. It is designed for contactless control systems, smart recorders, social distance check and remote monitoring inspectors, plus many more. NEXTiBOT enables coordinated robot efforts using NEXT tokens for fractional robot ownership, decentralized control, programming, and robot swarm creation.

NEXT token

The NEXT is the native token that fuels the NEXT Protocol ecosystem. Holders of NEXT tokens can stake their tokens and get a yield. Robot earnings can also be shared with the Token holders who would stake their Robot Tokens and get 50% (as an example) of rental yield through inbuilt DeFi protocols. Moreover, holders can vote for the robot's work and deployment decisions.

NEXT is the primary token that can be used for, but not limited to, the following actions:

  • Build & deploy applications;
  • Receive Robot Rental Yield;
  • Create Robot Services, Application use-cases & new customizations;
  • Create Games and Collaborate with Gaming Companies for robot gaming events;
  • Provide incentives to the gamers.


Q1 2021
  • IT Functionality: NEXT Protocol Integration on 3rd Party Hardware;
  • Business Functionality: Visitor Management Software;
  • Partnership: Partnership Product Manufacturers;
  • Geography: Middle East.
Q2 2021
  • IT Functionality: Mobile App for Robot Control;
  • Business Functionality: Carry Robot, Docu Robot;
  • Partnership: Robo Consortium;
  • Geography: Middle East, USA.
Q3 2021
  • IT Functionality: Integrated IoT features in NEXT Protocol;
  • Business Functionality: CSR Activities;
  • Partnership: CSR Activities;
  • Geography: Far East, Middle East, US.
Q4 2021
  • IT Functionality: Integrated IoT with Mobile Apps;
  • Business Functionality: IAQ Robot;
  • Partnership: Partnership with Resellers;
  • Geography: Indian SubContinent, Far East, Middle East.
Q1 2022
  • IT Functionality: Integrate Home Automation NEXT Protocol;
  • Business Functionality: Medic Robot;
  • Partnership: Edge Computing and Problem Solving;
  • Geography: Asia, Middle East, US.

Q2 2022

  • IT Functionality: NEXTiBOT App work will be introduced;
  • Business Functionality: Doctor Robot;
  • Partnership: Universities;
  • Geography: Europe, Asia, Middle East, US.


The market is undergoing a significant transformation: robots are moving beyond the workhorses of industrial shops to take on the role of personal assistants, control, delivery services, and security functions, among many other purposes.

In the future, the demand for service robots will only increase, as this will help speed up the processes in human life. And given the Covid Pandemic and our ongoing preparedness, we feel service robots for visitor management, office safety checks and delivery will be here to stay for good.  And this adds to our existing knowledge that the robotics industry has great potential in the future. The global robot market is expected to grow at a rapid pace of growth and will reach just under $ 210 billion by 2025. The NEXT Protocol wants to accelerate this through the integration of robots into everyday life by providing a protocol that helps developers create next-generation robots, as well as the ability to tokenize them for added value in the form of profit. It is a platform that combines robots with the highly lucrative DeFi properties, marries blockchain and most importantly tries to make the world a better place by fighting current and future pandemic scenarios. 

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