Deep Dive into Amplify (AMPT)

Emirex Group | Nov 11, 2020 1:15:59 PM

Amplify is a decentralized supply chain financial B2B2C infrastructure that runs on Ethereum. The platform brings together the benefits of on-chain protocols with off-chain stakeholders to ensure the value safety and legitimacy of the on-chain assets. AMPT is a native ERC-20 token with a total issuance of more than 100M.

About Project

Amplify is well connected to traditional financial resources and has rich practical experience in blockchain technology. It provides contract credit or asset mortgage credit to companies that normally are left out of the traditional credit-granting systems. Team plan to achieve this by bringing together the benefits of on-chain protocols (governance, liquidity, traceability) with off-chain stakeholders (legal & accounting firms, financial institutions, etc) to ensure the value safety and legitimacy of the on-chain assets.

Solid core business experience

AMPLIFY’s team has in-house all the core knowledge of the industries to innovate: supply chain finance, logistics,  finance, compliance.

Feasible go-to-market plans

With extensive experience and physical presence in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the team has a realistic opportunity to leverage their networks and increase product adoption.

Safe approach 

Faced with these financial security risks, the AMPLIFY team will gradually pace the introduction of off-chain assets into the blockchain as well as partner up with experts in the field of custody and cybersecurity.

More than just an idea 

AMPLIFY V1.0 has already been designed and developed based on extensive R&D of both current supply chain finance scenarios as well as decentralized solutions.

AMPT token

AMPT token is the core token of AMPLIFY decentralized architecture. Through the governance security provided by the economic model, amplify can run safely without trust.

The main functions of AMPT are the following:

  • Governance 

AMPT holders can participate actively in the decision-making activities of the platform through voting. Each AMPT represents 1 voting right and the higher the amount held, the higher the influence on the matters discussed, from roadmap decisions to token release. Decisions are made following the "majority wins" system, where 51% of the circulating AMPTS is required to approve proposals.

  • The incentive to add liquidity

Mining liquidity to power the Amplify ecosystem is a key activity to support our vision. Incentives are therefore designed to reward deposit and financing loans. 

  • Profit-sharing

Amplify plans to redistribute back to all AMPT holders a portion of the profits collected during the borrowing/lending process. Such a portion will be calculated according to the amount of AMPTS held in the recorded address.


Q4 2020
  • AMPLIFY 1.0: Protocol development - COMPLETED;
  • AMPLIFY 1.0 POC LAUNCH: Launch of multi-currency mortgage lending platform POC with supply chain financing business case - COMING UP.
Q1 2021
  • AMPLIFY 2.0 Protocol update: liquidity depth & POC integrations;
  • COMMUNITY UPDATE 1: Product development and funds usage status. 
Q2 2021
  • AMPLIFY 3.0: Launch credit, insurance, wealth management, and other fusion products, one-stop DeFi platform;
Q3 2021
  • AMPLIFY 4.0 Product update: support suppliers’ assets migration on-chain, increase tokenized assets as collateral, enable the secondary market exchange of tokenized assets/invoices; 


In the coming years, the project plans to move forward the best way it can in the markets of Singapore, China, Asia and the Middle East. Its main goal is to combine traditional B2B trade finance and B2C blockchain financial platforms into one hybrid platform that bridges these systems. In the case of the successful implementation of the development, the technology could be extended to the global market and gain momentum for further growth. In terms of the market capacity, 2019’s global Trade Finance market size is calculated to be 63.540 billion USD and is estimated to hit 79.410 billion USD in 2026, with a CAGR of 3.2% in 2021-2026.

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