Detailed Analysis of ASTRcoin™ (ASTR)

Emirex Group | Mar 19, 2021 2:39:38 PM

On the 9 of March, ASTRcoin™ (ASTR) was listed for trading on the Emirex exchange. Current available trading pair on the Emirex exchange: ASTR/ETH

  • A BlockClaim™ is a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides an opportunity to apply for a million-dollar claim to an asteroid. It uses the Hyperledger blockchain to create an immutable distributed ledger of individual claims. 
  • The platform is secured by an ASTRcoin™, a cryptocurrency that equals one BlockClaim™. Each BlockClaim™ represents a fractional amount of a particular asteroid and its present estimated profit value.
  • The system leverages smart contract techniques to automate a process whereby the dataset defines a mining claim. 

About Project

Asteroid, Ltd. was founded in November 2015 at Cyberport Hong Kong. A team specialising in technical, financial, creative, and marketing knowledge has developed a framework to ensure the continued stability and financial viability of the BlockClaim™ Protocol using HyperLedger Fabric to catalogue over 937,000 asteroids, of which 137,000 are known minerals. The company moved to Perth, Australia, in 2019  the mining capital of the world, finished the BlockClaim™ Protocol and licensed the proprietary protocol to Asteroid Org Pte Ltd, SG "The Asteroid Society" as the world-wide registration distribution agent. The Hyperledger development is presently being deployed with Chainstack, an SG company. In late 2020 Asteroid introduced the affiliate marketing program and recently launched this marketing activity on March 1st, 2021.  This affiliate program may be found at and the BlockClaim Protocol is found at, whilst, the ASTRcoin is found at

The BlockClaim™ ecosystem provides an opportunity to democratise space and claim it for everyone. The protocol has been deployed worldwide, with over 21,468,754 BlockClaims™ preregistered mining claims. The BlockClaim™Protocol uses smart contract methods to automate the process by which a dataset will determine a mining application. Each BlockClaim™ is essentially an immutable and secure smart contract that uses the blockchain to store BlockClaim™. The platform will also integrate solutions for finding and paying the registration fee for claims using ASTR tokens (ASTRcoins™).

ASTR token

ASTRcoin™ is an ERC20 utility token used to add public claims to mining rights to a global distributed ledger. Each BlockСlaim™ is secured by ASTRcoin™ token. BlockClaim can only be registered using ASTRcoin™. Hence, the internal liquidity of each ASTRcoin™ is part of the ecosystem itself.

Pre-Sales: 06/11/2017 – 20/11/2017

ICO: 21/11/2017 – 20/12/2017

As a result, 100,000,000 tokens were issued.



  • Initial Coin Offering.
  • List ASTR tokens on an Exchange.
  • Bootstrap community building and start implementing processes in the "Ceres" phase for the Society.
  • Marketing and advertising to expand Asteroid Society Verified membership beyond the current 56,000 members and over 300,000 followers on Facebook and other social media outlets.

PALLAS Society & Claim System

  • Complete the Development of the Asteroid BlockClaim Platform.
  • First Launch of the protocol that allows ASTR Tokens to register BlockClaims™ on Asteroids.
  • Expansion of Asteroid Society to add the marketplace for members to register BlockClaims™ using ASTR Tokens.
  • Develop an IOS and Android mobile app to allow for immediate and continued access to the registration of a mining claim.

VESTA Exchange

  • ABE Asteroid BlockClaim Exchange. Bring on an online Exchange to allow trading of BlockClaims™.
  • Investment in Space Ventures and innovations.
  • Develop the AstroScouts®; a membership organisation for boys and girls, ages 6-17, for space exploration, scientific study, gaming, and activities related to astronomical discovery.

HYGIEA Exploration & Growth

  • Introduce Visualisation and 3D Mapping of your BlockClaim™.
  • Introduce domicile royalties for claimant governments.
  • Sophisticated Massively Multiplayer Online Game ("MMO Game"); within the framework of the game each player will determine "real-world" solutions to the challenges of space mining and exploration.


Thanks to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which gives everyone the right to claim, BlockClaim™Protocol holds the key to winning the space race. A similar comparison would be the advent of the internet and the deployment of the internet protocol, which today is defined as dotcom and other TLD’s. In a very real sense an individual “claims” their dotcom on the protocol established. In the same way, each BlockClaim is a protocol that provides resources for creating a space claim and potentially significant royalties for its claimants. By using blockchain technology, BlockClaim™ ensures the creation of an immutable record.

A significant amount of capital will be raised as BlockClaims™ are adopted. The Asteroid Fund will become an investment pool for participation in technologies to improve space exploration with mining. As space becomes mainstream, investment has significant proportionate growth potential. This will provide a stable return on investment and increase the value of the ASTRcoin™ cryptocurrency.


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