Detailed Analysis of Criptoro (CTRO)

Emirex Group | Apr 9, 2021 5:23:59 PM

On the 22nd of March, Emirex launched the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of Criptoro (CTRO).

  • Criptoro is a fintech multi-services and multi-products company with an educational online trading school and marketplace
  • The company’s mission is to bring the best available service and international expertise for many sectors as education, financial health, new technologies, and innovation
  • CTRO is an ERC-20 functional cryptocurrency launched by the Criptoro platform
  • The company’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) was supervised by the Emirex exchange. 

About Project

Criptoro is a Spanish fintech company with an online trading educational school and its marketplace. Its mission is to reach a global position in many key sectors such as education, finance, healthcare, new technologies, and innovation. It has been designed looking for the best professionals in each area to as a team furnishes the company with the most qualified crew according to the company dimensions. The project has generated expectations and has already engaged more than 35 expert partners in the area of human development. The best financial, technological, and innovative products and services in the company's activities are the following:

  • Educational School. Finance and Innovation School (EFID) is established by Finance Institution, Digital Finance Institution, Enterprise, and Innovation Institution, Criptoro gold, and silver. Criptoro has a huge group of business experts, financial markets, and crypto assets to provide their clients with education and information to help them be a profitable business, in real-time too.
  • MarketPlace. Criptoro’s marketplace is our online platform to buy & sell services and products.
  • Tax advisory. Tax consultants experts in freelancers, tax declaration, and heritage. Experts in financial derivatives, commodities, and crypto-assets
  • Consultancy. Business consultancies services and freelancers in different professional sectors: Taxation, Technology, Digital Marketing, etc.
  • Criptoro Coin. Its cryptocurrency is based on a strong community, ease of navigation, and unique innovative character because of is endorsed in Bitcoin and rare metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium)
  • Criptoro Bitcapp. Bitcoin Services Provider. Free bitcoin wallet non-custodial whit bitcoin services worldwide.
  • Criptoro Transfer. Under blockchain XDAI and IPFS. Send and receive. The most secure file transfer. Asymmetric encrypted files to an identity.
  • Criptoro ME Universe. Trading and arbitration HUB platform, non-custodial.
  • Criptoro Ticketing. Under the blockchain, working in a ticketing service for companies.
  • Tokenization. B2B model for companies tokenization is also available right now.

CTRO token

CTRO is Criptoro’s ERC-20 native token designed to improve people’s lives and support organizations of all sizes. Criptoro provides its clients with arbitration platforms, a training school, or the transfer of encrypted data and/or assets over the blockchain. On the other hand, it works in B2B services, supporting organizations to help them make the technological leap into the new digital economy and guide them in the tokenization process. Criptoro Coin is based on a strong community, ease of navigation, and unique innovative character because of is endorsed in Bitcoin and rare metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium).

The purchase of Criptoro products and services with a token provides special commercial benefits. On the Criptoro marketplace, one can access investment or wealth protection products, right up to training courses. CTRO can also be used to purchase products and services from many different companies associated with this project. Thus, this token is intended for worldwide use.


February 2021

  • Alpha development: New services from Crypto Bitcapp (bitcoin environment).
  • Alpha Development: M E Universe.
  • Opening of Exchange in Uniswap. (CTRO-USDT).

March 2021

  • Alpha Development: New web design.
  • Alpha Development:
  • Alpha development: Exchange in operational Uniswap.
  • Start IEO Criptoro Coin (CTRO) on Emirex Exchange.

April 2021

  • Entry into main Exchanges in suitable legal order.
  • End of initial sale offer (ICO) to the public of Criptoro Coin (CTRO).
  • End IEO Criptoro Coin (CTRO) on Emirex Exchange.
  • CTRO token listing on Emirex Exchange.
  • Opening of the DEX Emiswap exchange for CTRO.
  • Alpha development: CTRO token cold wallet custody.

May 2021

  • Alpha Development: DEX Wallet.
  • Alpha Development: Criptoro Livepaper.

June 2021

  • Beta development: Criptoro Ticketing.

July 2021

  • Beta development: Crypto Exchange (Beta) in suitable legal order.
  • Beta development: Start of virtual reality project on blockchain.

September 2021

  • Beta development: DAPPs, Algorand, and Hashgraph from Criptoro.

November 2021

  • Alpha development; Cryptoro own exchange.

February 2022

  • Alpha Development: Blockchain Criptoro.


Criptoro has developed a business plan to compete with large companies in every sector. At the same time, it intends to forge several strategic alliances with cross-industry multinationals and advanced technologies. The uniqueness of the company lies in the selection of the best professionals in each field, ensuring the maximum benefit for the company's employees.

As the goals are met, the success of Criptoro will be about what it should be. Its CTRO cryptocurrency, as a unique means of payment, is considered an excellent solution for today's traditional financial system and is designed to combat the inflation of paper money. By using this token, users can access the full range of modern market services and get various benefits of the marketplace.

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