Detailed Analysis of Crypterium (CRPT)

Emirex Group | Oct 13, 2021 3:43:11 PM

Crypterium token (CRPT) is the core of all transactions made in the Crypterium banking platform. No payment can be conducted without CRPT, its main goal, regulated by smart-contract, is to stimulate tokenholders to use Crypterium in their daily life, and to attract new users to Crypterium. 

Crypterium's native token is a vital participant in the Crypterium ecosystem, providing quick and safe value transfers while keeping all crypto-to-fiat transactions secure. This digital asset was built on top of the Ethereum blockchain to assure the reliability and scalability of Crypterium Wallet, Crypterium Card, and other B2B partners' crypto-to-fiat services.

30% Burning Volume?

In short, at the end of each month, 0.5 % of the trade value in CRPT is removed from the user's account and burnt to reflect a diminishing supply. Within the following two years, Crypterium will raise the burning volume to 30% of the total supply. When such a transaction occurs within Crypterium, a monthly 0.5% gas cost in CRPT tokens is charged and burnt.

Because the token fuels all crypto-to-fiat transactions, Crypterium must redeem its native tokens from the open market and burn them regularly, boosting demand. The overall quantity of CRPT tokens is steadily decreasing, which is good for tokenomics.

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium is developing a smartphone app that will allow users to spend cryptocurrency daily. Users may also trade cryptocurrencies, top-up their phones, create a savings account, and purchase a global crypto card using the Crypterium App. Crypterium claims to have over 500,000 registered users and is advised by Keith Teare, co-founder of TechCrunch. In a combined 'FinTech 100' study by KPMG and H2Ventures, the initiative was also named one of the 'Emerging 50.' 

Crypterium is a fast-growing digital fintech solution that helps clients manage their assets with simplicity in over 170 countries. In addition, Crypterium helps businesses monetize their audience by providing world-class crypto, banking, and VISA card issuance services with its proven SDK program. 

5 Reasons Why Crypterium is Unique

AI price predictions.

AI-based price forecasts with over 200 variables, 101 trading alphas, and a self-learning system built by professionals. Make the most of your cryptocurrency with up to a 93% accuracy rate for over 140+ currencies.

A 1% crypto loan.

In as little as 5 minutes, you may have up to $5,000! Access a quick loan by using your cryptocurrency as collateral and repay it in installments that suit you.

Learn about crypto at your own speed.

Crypterium provides you the tools to study fundamental ideas and enhance advanced information, no matter how involved you are in crypto. There are guides, classes, and articles to aid you along the path.

Crypterium plastic and virtual cards.

Get your virtual card for €0 in a matter of minutes, or select a gorgeous real visa card to use while shopping. Spend up to €10,000 every month at both online and physical stores. Withdraw up to €2 500 per month from ATMs all around the world. 

Earn up to 15.6 % on your cryptocurrency investments.

Get up to 15.6 % APR on your digital assets by opening the best high-yield savings account. USDC, USDT, DAI, CRPT, BTC, ETH, and TON all have excellent rates. Your money will grow quicker than it would in a traditional account.

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