Detailed Analysis of EtherSmart (ETM)

Emirex Group | Oct 27, 2021 6:03:32 PM


Ethersmart was founded in Dubai, with the UAE government's legal backing. Ethersmart is currently available in more than 40 countries around the world. ETM being among the top ten largest digital currencies in the global crypto market, and being Asia's first digital bank to use crypto is EtherSmart’s vision for 2022.

34 million tokens to burn!

Token burning is the permanent withdrawal of current coins from circulation is referred to as token burning. ETM has a total quantity of 55 million tokens, of which 34 million will be burned and only 21 million will be permitted to circulate. 

It's also a decentralized, inflation-resistant, totally transparent, non-editable financial platform; the token value can only rise considerably over time because the supply has been significantly restricted. 

What is EtherSmart (ETM)?

ETM is Ethersmart's token. ETM may be used as gas in the Ethersmart ecosystem to power transactions by token buyers, cryptocurrency traders, developers, and trading platforms. 

If you want to use the ETMBet network, for example, you'll need to buy ETM. As the Ethersmart ecosystem grows, demand for ETM will increase, and early token buyers will benefit the most.

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4 Reasons Why EtherSmart is Unique?

Staking Insurance

ETM collaborates with Unslashed Finance to protect stakers against slashing-related staking risks.

Protocol Ecosystem growth

The expanding ETM ecosystem allows you to compound your profits by using your staked ETH on Curve, Yearn, Sushi, 1inch, and other platforms.

Ethereum's largest pool

ETM is the top Ethereum staking pool, allowing you to take advantage of efficient liquidity and pool security.

A Global Community 

Have a voice in the development of the ETM protocol by interacting with the team and others in the community.

Learn more about EtherSmart (ETM) by visiting their Website, CoinGecko, GitHub, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, or YouTube.

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