Detailed Analysis of Moneybrain (BiPS)

Emirex Group | May 17, 2021 4:46:11 PM

On the 22nd of April, moneybrain BiPS was listed for trading on the Emirex exchange.  



  • Moneybrain is a leading multinational company that has demonstrated its high utilization and reliability by developing global P2P models in diverse fields such as payments and financial services like deposits, lending, insurance, and investments that are built on world-class real-time immersive P2P technology.
  • Moneybrain provides the BiPS token, which is backed by a basket of assets like property, gold, low-risk secured loans and tangible assets such as cash and bitcoin.
  • Moneybrain, which was established in September 2000, is developing a transparent and equitable financial infrastructure for everyone to introduce its P2P technology to the world through blockchain. This is consistent with Emirex's underlying philosophy of continuous product innovation.

BiPS Cryptocurrency Profile

  • Coin type: Utility Token
  • Category: Finance
  • Max supply: 500,000,000 BiPS
  • Circulating Supply 40,795,031 
  • Market Cap  £430,387,574
  • BiPS/USD: 14.91
  • ATH: 0.0002677 BTC
  • ATL: 0.0002555 BTC

About Moneybrain

Moneybrain is a personal, totally impartial and unbiased DeFi exchange where you get a free credit check for life, which allows Moneybrain to browse through hundreds of thousands of choices in your preferred category, compare them to your circumstances and specifications, and handing you the top ten solutions for an easier pick.

Moneybrain is the FCA-regulated administrator in the United Kingdom for issuing and transferring value to the BiPS Foundation, which owns the underlying asset value created by token purchases. The non-profit BiPS Foundation purchases real-world assets with 95% of the currency valuation used to acquire BiPS. The team in the United Kingdom created and operates, a professionally run P2P retail loan and savings platform which surpassed £10M in lending as of January 2020.

BiPS Token

The BiPS token is built on the principles of security, trust, privacy, and regulation. It has utility and an exchange model, and it is fortunate to be listed on a strong exchange like Emirex. This partnership will support Moneybrain in creating further underlying value in the BiPS token and delivery of their global plans.

The BiPS utility token is being issued as a payment instrument, for the sole purpose of building the BiPS network and community. The acquisition of the BiPS Token is not an investment in a company or security. BiPS is a cryptocurrency so transactions are anonymous, secure and cheaper than ‘traditional’ bank-based contracts.

The BiPS Token can be used to safely remit, store, or trade FIAT (GBP, USD, Euro) and other digital currencies globally on blockchain Token exchanges, both in FIAT and other digital currencies through its stable BiPS digital wallet and global technology network. The digital wallet will be issued per UK e-money regulations, allowing for global adoption through Visa and Mastercard incorporation.

BiPS benefits include the following:

  1. Buy BiPS and transfer them around the world in 1 second for a price of £0.01;
  2. Personal and company cryptocurrency banking in GBP/EUR;
  3. Quicker GBP/EUR and  local currency banking payments;
  4. Service for exchanging cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins;
  5. Spend your cryptocurrency with the Moneybrain debit card;
  6. Loans backed by cryptocurrency;
  7. Using a Visa or Mastercard, you can buy and store cryptocurrency;
  8. Registered with the FCA;
  9. BiPS can be used to send, borrow, or save money.


BiPS is an asset-backed digital currency with a compound annual return of 4%. However, the purchase of BiPS Tokens does not reflect an investment in Moneybrain Ltd. The valuation of BiPS tokens is unpredictable, and while the backing of assets is intended to minimize volatility risk, there is no guarantee that the value will not fall to zero. 

Since liquidity is dependent on there being enough trading demand at the time of selling, there is also the danger of being unable to exchange your BiPS at any given time due to this liquidity risk. In the United Kingdom, none of the investment activities associated with BiPS tokens are regulated; however, Moneybrain Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) operations are. 

Ultimately, BiPS is “digital money backed by real assets” and moneybrain does “everything a bank can do and more”. Emirex remains delighted to offer BiPS trading in ETH and BTC pairs. In the depth of analysis and contemplation of the moneybrain strategy since the beginning of their ventures, BiPS appears to be a much-needed solution for stability and control in a crypto environment known for volatility and high risk. 

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