Detailed Analysis of TYCOON69 (T69)

Emirex Group | Dec 11, 2020 3:25:55 PM

On the 18th of February, TYCOON69 Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) was launched on the Emirex exchange.  Current available trading pairs on the Emirex exchange: T69/USDT, T69cash/USD

  • Tycoon69 is a blockchain-backed digital ecosystem to build the world’s first decentralized platform for gift cards.
  • T69 is used as an internal payment method to give access to a large variety of products. 
  • SAFE gift card tokens are a form of sub-token that can be created on the Tycoon Chain. 
  • T69 holders have access to a variety of options to participate in each transaction within the system through staking incentives, commissions, and other kickbacks.
  • The Tycoon69 marketplace offers the most merchant flexibility to merchants that successfully verify their corporate accounts and pass quality standards like keeping SAFE gift card default rates lower than 20%.
  • The project’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) was supervised by the Emirex exchange. 

About Project

Tycoon69 is constructing the world's first decentralized blockchain-powered platform targeting the gift card industry, inspired by the Aelf blockchain protocol variant. Aelf is recognized and certified by the Chinese government as one of the worlds leading blockchain architectures via the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute (CESI) — a government institution interfacing with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) founded in 1973. This blockchain solution is inherently secure and fraud-proof, enabling upwards tens of thousands of transactions per second to be processed, integrate seamlessly with current merchant facilities, and ushering in a whole new superior customer experience, it is an evolution of the entire gift card industry for the better. 

The Tycoon69 economic ecosystem accessed by the T69 token includes, among others, e-commerce, special offers, cashback, as well as innovative products currently under development such as coins for real estate or natural resource transactions.

T69 token

The T69 is the native token that fuels the Tycoon Chain. The T69 has several use cases within the Tycoon69 ecosystem. T69 is used to pay for creation and transaction fees as well as an incentive for users to receive all kinds of promotions and discounts. Due to the fixed total circulation of T69, the demand for T69 will rise as more users participate in the selling and purchasing of gift cards on Tycoon69 exchange. The borderless nature of blockchain will allow the Tycoon69 network to grow into new geographies and new applications, which will in turn further expand the token’s utility.

T69 can be used to trade gift cards and other digital assets on the Tycoon69 network. T69 is the primary token that can be used for, but not limited to, the following actions:

  • Selling or purchasing gift cards by individuals;
  • Paying for the transaction fees by individuals;
  • For gift card issuing companies, staking T69 to be verified by Tycoon69 and issue gift cards on Tycoon69 network;
  • Paying for any other fees.

While it will be possible to also make the transactions using other payment methods, using the T69 tokens would provide attractive discounts to users. 


The global gift card market is valued at US $ 337.6 billion in 2018 and will reach the US $ 505.9 billion by the end of 2025, with an average annual growth rate of 6.0% during 2019-2025. This statistic is a good example of the opportunities that are opening up in the market and for the Tycoon69 project, which is on its way to becoming the latest revolutionary blockchain platform targeting the gift card industry.

Already today, Tycoon69 2.0 is uniquely positioned and well established in the United Arab Emirates to enter the global market. It is one of the market leaders in the direct selling industry, inspired in part by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Over the past few months, Tycoon69 has already reached $ 10 million in turnover. Tycoon69 has also acquired over 25,000 users in the past few months. The further success of the development team will only strengthen these statistics, which will allow it to present the project as the most competitive participant in the international market.


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