Dimitra (DMTR) IEO on Emirex

Emirex Group | Aug 10, 2021 11:19:54 AM

The Emirex exchange is thrilled to announce an IEO partnership with Dimitra Incorporated, an industry-leading agricultural technology company with a mission to deliver AgTech globally to farmers that has operations on 6 continents in 60 countries. 

Dimitra IEO round 1 will launch on the Emirex exchange on Aug 16  with a price of $1.20/token. DMTR token will be available for purchase in USD, AED, EURO as well as BTC, ETH, and USDC. IEO tokens will be locked until the listing on Oct 15.

  • Minimum purchase amount is USD 250;
  • Maximum purchase is USD 500,000;
  • 5 million tokens are for sale per round.

Why Dimitra?

Smallholder farmers in many areas of the world struggle to make ends meet. They can play a huge role in solving the world food shortage, improving food safety, and addressing food security issues. 

Smallholder farmers can greatly benefit from the introduction of digital technology into their farming practices.  Advice from the Dimitra platform can help farmers double their income and manage all of the facets of their farm.  

Putting simple, beautiful, effective technology in farmers’ hands is Dimitra’s core goal. They want to help farmers improve their productivity with the power of information. Dimitra is making a difference in the lives of many. Building on their existing success, Dimitra is now implemented in several countries and has signed up over 10 million farms making it the largest blockchain-based farming platform in the world, they are looking to grow their platform to more than 100-million subscribers in the next 3-5 years.

What is the Dimitra Utility Token?

The Dimitra Token (DMTR) provides a catalyst to accelerate the growth of their already successful “Connected Farmer” platform. They have established their business in over 40 nations by developing partnerships and securing agreements to implement their software. 

They are ready to accelerate their mission, drive adoption, and impact smallholder farmers globally. Over time the token will continue to increase in value, this is by design and is a key factor to maintaining economic balance throughout the ecosystem. 

Why Dimitra is Better

The Dimitra Token is a utility token designed to address four key requirements while unlocking the true potential of blockchain technologies:

  • Confidentiality: They are committed to ecosystem privacy while maintaining reporting and auditing requirements;
  • Identity: Identities and identity validators are securely confirmed;
  • Governance: Participation in corporate innovation programs, agriculture value streets, and staking;
  • Compliance: Deploying SumSub KYC/AML tools.

The Dimitra Token derives its value as a direct result of its utility within the Dimitra Ecosystem and is designed to connect seamlessly within the Dimitra Platform.

It mirrors a shift toward open token networks wherein users create and derive all intrinsic platform value through thoughtfully engineered economic incentives. The token’s valuation growth becomes an enabler to the ecosystem and naturally incentivizes farmer participation. 

Learn more about Dimitra by visiting their Website, Twitter, or  LinkedIn.

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