Emicomp. Earn Passive Income with Yield Farming

Emirex Group | Nov 18, 2020 5:59:08 PM

EmiСomp is a modern service supporting the innovative DeFi market. The fully decentralized platform offers everyone the opportunity to accelerate COMP tokens from the largest DeFi project Compound, which is almost risk-free and provides an average yield of about 43% per annum.

The service works towards ensuring that the best opportunities of the DeFi market are available to all interested people. It makes it possible for users to earn high profits without the risk of losing a position or balance and offers the most effective solution in terms of commission costs and the annual percentage of Compound token farming. 

Join the Emicomp and earn up to 48% annually without risks in DAI/USDT!

Earn up to 48% annually!

What is Yield Farming?

One of the new concepts introduced with DeFi is Yield Farming, a developing mechanism of earning rewards from cryptocurrency capital investments. Simply put, it is a process of blocking a certain crypto asset and receiving a reward.

In a sense, it can be compared to staking, but it is not that simple. This approach is based on the so-called liquidity pools. Liquidity providers (LP) deposit funds into them, others can use them on certain conditions.

Yield farming allows investors to receive interest for lending out their tokens. It's mainly used on the Ethereum blockchain. The total locked value of liquidity pools in yield farming projects is $4.1 bln according to CoinMarketCap.

How Emicomp works

The automation placement system of DAI decentralized assets is carried out through a liquidity pool based on the Uniswap service. Each participant in the network can borrow and take cryptocurrency at interest. Interest rates are a function of liquidity available in each market and fluctuate in real-time depending on supply and demand, and the more the token is demanded, the more a loan shark can earn. 

The decentralized USDC placements are automated, helping users to increase them in size via effective management of COMP tokens. The service also provides automatic profit-taking under a smart contract with the instant withdrawal of funds and complete security. The use of all these mechanisms allows Emicomp to guarantee its users to get multiple returns compared to simply placing funds in Compound.

Join the Emicomp and earn up to 48% annually without risks in DAI/USDT!

Earn up to 48% annually!

Platform Advantages 

Emicomp is a reliable tool for passive earnings on personal crypto savings. The system is regulated by smart contracts, which guarantee a high level of transaction security. Interest rates are calculated automatically based on an analysis of the current situation in the virtual asset market. EmiComp provides the following advantages:

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Emicomp offers a decentralized functionality for accelerating the receipt of COMP tokens from the largest DeFi project Compound, which provides an average yield of about 43% per annum. Users can place funds on the Compound in USDC at 3.2% per annum, and this will allow them to receive a certain amount of COMP tokens, which is determined by the size of their share in the sum of all funds placed on the Compound.  At the moment the Compound distributes 1445 COMP to everyone per day.

The average yield from the received COMP tokens does not exceed 6% per annum. That, together with the total balance interest in USDC gives 6% + 3.2% = 9.2% per annum on the dollar balance, which is also a very good result.

Users can also increase the total balance and loan amount on the Compound by approximately 3.2 times, which means that the original interest rate of 6% will be increased by 3.2 times. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Place funds in the amount of 1000 USDC and make it collateral.
  • Step 2: Receive a loan of up to $700 (in DAI tokens) on the Compound at a small interest rate, which will allow receiving COMP tokens for the amount of the loan taken.
  • Step 3: Create another account on the Compound and place the loan received in DAI inside the new compound account on a balance that will allow users to receive the main 3.2% and an additional ~ 6% interest on it in COMP tokens.
  • Step 4:  Take a loan for the second balance that was created in the amount of up to $490 and get COMP tokens for it as well.

As a result of these steps, one can complete more than 10 of them, as the reasonable number of steps depends on the size of the initial balance.

6% * 3.2 = 19.2%

+ 3.2% on the balance = 22.4%

- 4.8% loan repayment = 17.6%

Total: 17.6% per annum on a dollar account!

But all these steps will require payment of the Ethereum network commission, and since these are quite complex operations, you will spend from $35 to $60 for 5 to 6 steps. You need to correctly calculate and select tokens for the balance using the average % values for the balance and a loan, otherwise a significant part of the profit can be spent on paying off the high % for the loan.

After placing funds in 5-7 steps, you need to regularly request COMP tokens on your own, which also implies payment of a commission to Ethereum network and each withdrawal will cost from $15 to $25. Now it seems that the network's commissions and the reduction of the cost of COMP will eat up all the additional profit.

How to receive a high interest without paying network commission?

Emicomp allows you to make just 1 step and increase the total position size by 6.95 times, which means that you can increase the interest rate more than twice from what you can receive doing it manually.

Our service uses the so-called flash loan that is available only in DeFi, to increase the position at the first step, so that it borrows the amount necessary to maximize the balance and immediately after maximizing it, returns it as a loan.

Also, Emicomp is decentralized and aggregates the profit from the received COMP tokens up to several times a day, fixes it in USDT, which allows you to avoid the risk of a drawdown of profitability due to the decline in the COMP rate; and the withdrawal of profit costs only from $2 to $4 depending on the network load.

Low commissions on Emicomp for placing a position and for profits withdrawal make it cost-effective to make a profit through COMP tokens, even for users with small balances.

Namely, it is possible to place a position on the Compound and get 40-50% per annum, with almost no risks, in the worst case, your annual % of profit will be lower, but you can take your initial funds in full at any time.

Join the Emicomp and earn up to 48% annually without risks in DAI/USDT!

Earn up to 48% annually!

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