EmiFlex: Your Way To DeFi Income

Emirex Group | Mar 16, 2021 3:22:03 PM

Despite the challenging 2020, the entire world has seen rapid interest in the DeFi sector. Even taking into account the availability of rather complex solutions and functionality in the industry, it becomes easier and more convenient for users to navigate through decentralized finance. The complexities in the initial adoption of the novel financial system have been overcome during the period of in-depth improvement. As a result, DeFi has become an integral part of the modern financial landscape. Against this background, the industry strives to become more sustainable and vibrant in 2021. 

Why is EmiFlex so popular?

A prerequisite for the EmiFlex can be attributed to the ongoing development and the emergence of new solutions. The project represents the decentralized autonomous organization created to provide asset management from the best high-yielding protocols. Since many opportunities for capital in DeFi come with a specific set of models, EmiFlex uses its own approach to achieve the best risk-reward ratio. Users are invited to derive the maximum benefit from all processes being carried out in the field of DAO that consist of:

  • Well-thought asset allocation choice
    DAO fund managers vote on assets distribution into DeFi protocols including lending, assets, DEXes, and derivatives.
  • Transparent rewards
    Each DeFi project allocates profit shares in return for the liquidity provided by the DAO fund to their protocols.
  • Fair Income distribution
    The profit is distributed among all EmiFlex participants according to their stake in the DAO.

EmiFlex DAO has its representative EFLX token giving exposure to a balanced portfolio of investments in DeFi products. Within the work of the system, investments are diversified among the most attractive and legit DeFi protocols, one of which is the Bancor (BNT) on-chain liquidity protocol. EmiFlex uses adaptive, stable, and flexible algorithms that are responsible for providing maximum security and effective risk-mitigating.

YTD Profit Rates by Month


2 Extremely easy Ways to Get Started 

A Pooled Deposit for Emirex users (From 100 USD, no fees)
  • Sign up for an account on Emirex exchange. To start using the service, create an account at Emirex.
  • Make a deposit. You need to have an available balance in USDT to start investing. Use fiat or crypto to make a deposit and convert to USDT
  • Create an "Emiflex Deposit" Request and mention your UID and email.
  • Withdraw your revenue. Сreate an "Emiflex Withdrawal" Request and specify how much USDT you want to withdraw.
  • Pay the Express withdrawal fee to instantly withdraw your funds
  • or Wait for the pool to reach the pooled withdrawal threshold for a completely free withdrawal without any fees.
A Direct Deposit for users (Over 5,000 USD, Only Gas fees)
  • Fund your ERC20 compatible wallet with ETH to cover Gas fees.
  • Make a deposit in USDC, USDT, or DAI to your wallet to start investing.
  • Connect your wallet to the EmiFlex Dashboard
  • Specify the EFLX amount to purchase. Use the request EFLX tokens form to see the desired EFLX token amount and total price in USDC / USDT or DAI
  • Press the "Purchase" button. 
  • Get daily profit reports. We’ll inform you about your returns daily.
  • Withdraw your revenue to any preferred wallet. Unlock and withdraw funds in up to 24 hours guaranteed.

Start earning with Emiflex

What does the future hold?

With the continuous expansion of application use cases and improvement of the multi-tiered financial system, the future of DeFi has a perspective of development in economic strategies and multilateral cooperation. EmiFlex uses robust algorithms and governance structures to effectively control the allocation of resources associated with DeFi projects and thus is responsible for ensuring their long-term success.

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