Emirex and Moneybrain (BiPS) Listing Partnership

Emirex Group | Feb 12, 2021 2:42:12 PM

The United Arab Emirates, Feb. 12, 2021: The Emirex exchange, a digital exchange platform headquartered in Dubai, is thrilled to announce the listing partnership with Moneybrain, a company that specializes in global peer to peer technology and payments (P2P). Emirex’s vision of empowering the crypto community by providing users with promising financial systems aligns with Moneybrain's vision of bringing trust to the crypto world by creating an underlying value with the Moneybrain asset backed BiPS token. The listing is to take place in early March.

What is Moneybrain?

Moneybrain is a leading international business that has proved its high utilization and efficiency by introducing global P2P models in various fields such as payments and financial services including mortgages, loans, savings and investments based on world-class real-time interactive P2P technology.

In the spirit of fairness of building its ecosystem for complete financial inclusion, Moneybrain brings its BiPS token that is backed by a basket of assets including property, gold, low risks secured loans and tangible assets such as cash and bitcoin and BiPS can be used to remit, store, or borrow. Moneybrain is the UK FCA regulated administrator for the issuance and transfer of value to the BIPS Foundation, which holds the underlying asset value created from the purchase of the tokens.

  • 95% of the currency value used to purchase BiPS is used by the non-profit BiPS Foundation to purchase real-world assets.
  • The team has successfully built out and currently operates a fully regulated P2P retail loan and savings platform JustUs.co in the UK.
  • None of the investment activities associated with the BIPS tokens are regulated in the UK, however, Moneybrain Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) activities are now a FCA registered activity.
  • Moneybrain as custodian and administrator for the BiPS Foundation operate segregated UK bank client accounts.

The Value of Partnership

Moneybrain is building out its open and fairer financial system for all to bring it’s P2P technology to the world via blockchain. This is very much in alignment with the core value of Emirex around continuous product innovation. Furthermore, with its token utility and exchange model, it is favorable for Moneybrain to partner with a strong exchange like Emirex with multi-level trading and supporting client services. This partnership will support Moneybrain in creating further underlying value in the BiPS token and delivery of their global plans.

About Emirex

Emirex is an innovative platform that includes exchange and a marketplace where users can exchange and store digital assets. It maintains 24/7 support accompanied by time-proven platform stability that guarantees the safety of assets and data. The team highly values the power of Digital Assets and strives to make this world a place with more economic freedom through public, open, fair, censorship-resistant networks that serve humanity.

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