Emirex and NEXT Protocol: New Era in the Industry of Robotics

Emirex Group | Feb 24, 2021 5:56:46 PM

We understand that the robotics industry is unravelling endless possibilities, especially at a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, with industries looking at deploying service robots for real life use cases for safety and security of employees. Covid-19 has sped up the use of robots to replace human workers. The global service robotics market is expected to reach US $23.90 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.18% between 2016 and 2022, with a very high possibility that it will hit the numbers within 2021 itself, thanks to Covid induced digitalization. 

NEXT PROTOCOL targets this market and is in the process of building, creating and collaborating with next generation robots and associated applications. NEXT aspires to marry blockchain and robotics with DeFi enabled monetization of the Robots to solve real-life problems in Covid scenarios while having Robot Gaming/NFTs as an added enhancement.

The company’s NEXTiBOT is a full functioning Robot deployed for the new normal after COVID that can be fractionally owned by NEXT Token holders. The company is also building through NEXT Protocol Decentralized App which is language, brand and function agnostic as it will work across different platforms, different robots from different manufactures, with app market-places to integrate & sell them to consumers.

The current use cases of NEXT Protocol powered NEXTiBOTs are to manage the social distancing scenarios. At offices, institutions and hotels, NEXTiBOTs can meet and greet visitors, check their temperature and ensure they have worn their PPE, do contactless delivery across the premises and sanitizing and sterilizing the premises with UVC, ozonizer and chemical fogging after office hours.

Shaik Hamdan, CEO of Next Protocol said: “We are extremely confident that Next Protocol will usher an actual adoption of service robots in daily life, robots that are integrated through Blockchain for tracking and decentralization whereas Defi token driven for monetization and ownership rewards distribution.

Grigory Rybalchenko, Chief Executive Officer at Emirex, said: "Emirex prides itself to be a launchpad of deep tech blockchain aligned companies but NEXT is something more than that. They bring Robotics and Blockchain but more than that has the social angle of solving the world’s problem of Covid, making our workplaces safe. We are looking forward to provide the as much cooperation and support to NEXT in its journey that it has already taken in the Middle East.

About Emirex

The Emirex Group of Companies is Headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. 

At Emirex we are focused on delivering the first in its class Digital Commodities Exchange, an alternative investment platform focusing on tokenizing the USD$20 trillion a year commodities sector. Which includes equity and debt instruments of the commodities companies, as well as actual physical commodities, such as precious, industrial & rare earth metals, precious stones and energy commodities.

The Group was founded in July 2014 as a technology and advisory provider, focusing on digitalization of traditional businesses and efficient application of emerging technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The Group consists of a Tokenization Advisory and a Technology Platform, consisting of a Digital Commodities Exchange,  Tokenization Platform, Wallet and other surrounding infrastructure.


NEXT Protocol based out of Abu Dhabi AND is part of NEXT IT, one of the oldest and pioneering IT firms in UAE. Their aim is to change the world by integrating robots into the daily lives of everyone for a more intelligent way of life.

NEXT Protocol allows easy publication of Robot Services using our Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots, enable the Robots to run with its own tokens (deploy and Mint business specific ERC20 Robo tokens) and, sell these Robot services in marketplaces. Robot earnings can also be  shared with the Token holders thereby allowing fractional ownership and adoption of robots in our daily life.

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