Emirex Crypto Exchange Lists Gogolcoin

Emirex Group | Apr 19, 2021 8:46:05 PM

We are delighted to announce that Gogolcoin is listed on the Emirex Exchange.

GogolCoin (GOL) is a utility token developed on the Ethereum blockchain for Cryptonizing smart houses. Gogolcoin intends to distribute tokens widely and allow buyers to get a determined percentage of the total supply. Deposit and trading are available now! You need ETH, BTC, or USDT trading pairs to trade GogolCoin on Emirex.

We must help Gogol enhance its reach and get its brilliant project noticed. So make sure you check their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, GitHub, Telegram or White Paper.

About GogolCoin:

Digital Smart Homes, which operates on crypto, is a system that serves a wide range of needs and addresses the challenges and difficulties that property owners encounter. It will coordinate the deployment of anything pertaining to the requirements of digital smart homes.

Their system would enable the owner to centrally control all facets of their property in real-time and at a very low cost. Besides this, CSH provides total security for both users and assets. Their process is intelligently designed to solve problems by using detailed and excellent methodologies.

Start trading GOL on Emirex now!

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