Emirex Cryptocurrency Exchange is Hiring a Token Manager

Emirex Group | Jun 15, 2021 1:21:31 PM

Emirex, a robust exchange disrupting the MENA region, is actively looking for a full-fledged and energetic Token Manager to join our team and be a collaborative and strong asset as we achieve goals and develop. The ideal applicant will have extensive blockchain and cryptocurrency experience.

Workload & Tasks

  • Development of a token utilization scheme, as well as a plan for its implementation;
  • Determining a marketing strategy, drawing up a marketing plan for the development of a token, and requesting a budget for its implementation;
  • Development, approval, and implementation of a work plan with CMC, Coingecko, and other similar sites;
  • Definition of sales channels and participation in the development of an activity plan for the implementation of a strategic sales plan through these channels;
  • Preparation of reasoned opinions on new projects and coins.
  • Regular check and adjustment of the parameters of the trading system;
  • Market monitoring for new functionality for the exchange;
  • Development of tracking systems for arbitrage trading on the Emirex exchange;
  • Construction and implementation of an arbitrage strategy, identifying opportunities for arbitrage trading in the market;
  • Maintenance and consulting of projects on trading issues;
  • Determination of liquidity parameters, order books, trading volumes, spread, frequency of trading;
  • Interaction with other structural divisions of the company during the integration of new projects on the exchange.

Work Experience:

  • Working on a cryptocurrency exchange in a similar position will be an advantage;
  • More than two years of experience in trading;
  • More than one year of experience in the blockchain industry;
  • Experience in marketing or sales will be an advantage;
  • Good understanding of financial markets;
  • Experience in building relationships with international companies. 

Key skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge of trading principles;
  • Good understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market;
  • Market making knowledge;
  • Understanding marketing and sales principles ;
  • Financial/technical education;
  • English C1-C2.


  • Unlimited opportunities for professional growth and participation in brand development;
  • Bonuses for personal achievements and contributions to the development of the company, and rewards when company milestones are achieved;
  • Remote work: no tracking or monitoring! The result is important to us, not the process;
  • A team of highly qualified specialists — we employ the best of the best;
  • Progressive salary; (not just words).

About Emirex

Emirex.com is a trustworthy, easy-to-use, and highly successful cryptocurrency investing platform. In addition to the exchange, we provide a variety of crypto-related services. The Emirex Group unites a community of investors and traders from all over Africa, Asia, and Europe and provides them with access to the wealth of the Middle East using modern technologies (Emirex is included in the TOP-300 CMC).

To get started right away, please send your resume and cover letter to our HR rep at farida.bitkolova@emirex.com or on telegram @Feri_me. 

Feel free to learn more about Emirex: 

Website: https://emirex.com/ 

Review: https://blockonomi.com/emirex-review/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emirex.official/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emirexgroup/

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