Emirex Exchange Listed Gold-backed BitAU (BAU) Coin

Emirex Group | Aug 11, 2021 11:24:36 AM

The Emirex exchange is thrilled to announce the listing partnership with BitAU, a free open source project that was created by a small group of Bitcoin enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. In contrast to the other prominent Bitcoin forks, BitAU was specifically designed from the beginning to inspire innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem and give value to the vision of decentralization. 

BitAU is available for trading on the Emirex exchange in BAU/AED and BAU/USDT trading pairs.

What is BitAU?

Whereas other forks were born from hostility and ambition to dominate, BitAU arises from a desire to protect Bitcoin and ensure that it not only maintains its position as the dominant cryptocurrency but continues to grow until its liberating roots stretch deep into the economic life of all nations.

BitAU is the only digital asset with a continuously growing gold base. Together with blockchain technology, it guarantees the highest level of security backed by transaction transparency on a public ledger.

How BitAU Is Better Than Banks

  • Payments go directly from one person to another 
  • No matter how much you send, fees are always tiny 
  • Money is sent and received fast—no delays, no limits

BitAU is a fork of the original Bitcoin and a representative cryptocurrency based on an increasing amount of gold. It is designed as a store of value on the ledger and uses the distribution of profit of money creation (seigniorage: the difference in face value of money, such as a $0.25 quarter coin, and the cost to produce it) to achieve its goal. 

Certified 999.9 investment gold is bought from Good Delivery refineries and because its retail prices are relatively high, PAMP Gold can charge its fee while still providing lower than retail prices of gold.

  • Coin Name: BitAU (BAU) 
  • Algorithm : Proof-of-Work (PoW) 
  • Total Coins: 3,780,000
  • Pool-mined Coins: 1,890,000 
  • Mineable Coins: 1,890,000 
  • Decimals: 8 
  • Hashed: SHA-256

Plus features:

  • Gold Backing 
  • Physical Gold Vault 
  • Gold Trade Limit 
  • 99.99% 24K Certified Gold Vault 

Know more about BitAU (BAU):

  • BitAU provides over 100 payment options in addition to credit/debit cards and net banking.
  • Digital and decentralized payments can be accepted by users in several ways. Ex: desktop and mobile applications.
  • Leveraging the potential of smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS. 
  • BitAU crypto wallet will support all reputed international payment gateways and exchangers to help users buy & sell cryptocurrencies with their credit and debit cards and coin swapping. 
  • BitAU’s decentralized payment gateway does not have any direct or indirect relationship or account with any end-user

Learn more about BitAU by visiting their Website, Facebook, Youtube, GitHub, or Telegram.

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