Emirex Exchange Lists Ethersmart (ETM)

Emirex Group | Sep 24, 2021 7:56:45 PM

We are delighted to announce that Ethersmart (ETM) is listed on the Emirex Exchange! Currently, available trading pairs include ETM/USDT.

Ethersmart was established in January 2020. The creator, Nizam Corwin, is an AI Technology developer with over 10 years of expertise, as well as a smart trading app programmer for some of Dubai's major institutions, including the National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Samba Financial Group.

In the field of financial technology, with a team of young, smart employees, Ethersmart was founded in Dubai, with the UAE government's legal backing. Ethersmart is currently available in more than 40 countries across the world. They want ETM to be one of the top ten digital currencies in the global crypto market by 2022, and to be Asia's first digital bank to use crypto.

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What is Ethersmart Token (ETM)?

Ethersmart has its own token, ETM. Purchasers of tokens, cryptocurrency traders, developers, and trading platforms can use ETM as "gas" in the Ethersmart ecosystem to fuel transactions. People who wish to utilize the ETMBet network, for example, will need to purchase ETM. The demand for ETM will rise as the Ethersmart ecosystem expands, and the early token purchasers will profit the most. 

34,000,000 Tokens To Be Burned!

The permanent withdrawal of current coins from circulation is referred to as token burning. The entire quantity of ETM tokens is 55 million, of which 34 million will be burned, and only 21 million will be permitted to circulate.

Since tokens can't be retrieved after they've been burnt, Blockchain projects include token burning as a feature. It's a decentralized, inflation-resistant, totally transparent, non-editable financial platform, and because the supply has been severely restricted, the token value can only rise significantly over time. From the fourth quarter of 2021 through the fourth quarter of 2022, the burning roadmap will be implemented as such:

  • Q4/2021 burned 4,000,000 ETM
  • Q1/2022 burned 4,500,000 ETM
  • Q2/2022 burned 6,500,000 ETM
  • Q3/2022 burned 8,500,000 ETM
  • Q4/2022 burned 10,500,000 ETM

Learn more about Ethersmart (ETM) by visiting their Website, CoinGecko, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Telegram.

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