Emirex lists XBIT Coin

Emirex Group | Nov 16, 2021 2:37:04 PM

We are delighted to announce that Xbit (XBT) is listed on the Emirex Exchange! Currently, available trading pair XBT/USDT.

What exactly is Xbit Coin?

Xbit is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for use in online gaming. While Xbit may still be used for financial transactions, its primary use is in online gaming. Xbit was explicitly built for the online casino Xbit. This online casino has all the necessary permits and licenses.


This coin was designed and developed using the SHA-256 algorithm. Casino Xbit is run by Bit Gaming LLC, a St. Vincent and Grenadines-based company. The Xbit project is being developed by Counos Platform, a Swiss Blockchain firm. Counos was responsible for the project’s technological development. However, it is self-contained and operated.

The Value of Xbit for Users

As previously mentioned, Xbit was created for online gaming, more precisely for the Xbit online casino. Thus, this currency is backed by an established financial institution, which is considered a unique characteristic of Xbit. As a result, Xbit coins are symbolic of casino Xbit's revenue shares. Since, in a sense, the casino benefits all users and owners of the currency.

As the casino improves and more players get interested in its games, the value of the coins used in this casino, the Xbit currency, climbs. Additionally, Counos Platform offered staking services for this project. This feature enables all Xbit currency owners to stake their coins. Staked coins are frozen and non-transferable throughout the process of staking. Users will get a 5% yearly interest rate in exchange. This feature enables gamers and other users to get even more benefits from the Xbit coin.

In Conclusion

Inevitably, blockchain technology will permeate every sector and business. No one is exempt from this rule when it comes to online gaming. Traditional methods of online gaming lack transparency, efficiency, decentralization, and, most importantly, privacy and security for consumers.

Xbit is a Blockchain-based startup that leverages this technology to help gamers. The Xbit coin and online Casino Xbit are just what players want in the face of all conventional gaming platforms that lack the benefits of a Blockchain-based platform.

Learn more about Xbit by visiting their Website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, or Telegram

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