Emirex Steps on the Panel Discussion Stage: Finance, Tech, and Startups

Emirex Group | Mar 25, 2021 6:02:57 PM

On the 25th of March, Emirex has contributed to the panel discussion on the trending topic of Startup Budget, Valuation, and Dilution. The event has gathered experienced veterans and speakers in the finance, tech, and startup industries to discuss startup funding and determine the role of a solid business plan and a proper valuation.

The panel discussion was organized by a group of the best and most experienced startup developers to exchange ideas. At the session, participants explained the basics of fundraising, discussed the need to fund startups, and looked at ways to build the proper budget, do the right valuation, and balance dilution and debt.

Emirex was represented by its Chief Sales Officer Kirill Mishanin, who spoke about the company's successful experience, as well as the peculiarities of the ecosystem to adapt to market requirements. At the same time, he managed to communicate with such experts as Priyasha Corrie (Co-founder at Könnected Law), Herve MARCHET (Ex-Apple, Managing Director at MDM Consulting), Stefan Hickmott (CEO at Newfields Group), discuss the methods of startup assessment and examples of real-life investments.

The topics discussed during the panel discussion play a significant role in strengthening international cooperation in the area of education, investment policy, and technological stimulation.

About Emirex

Emirex is an innovative platform that includes exchange and a marketplace where users can exchange any store of value for digital assets. It maintains 24/7 support accompanied by time-proven platform stability that guarantees the safety of assets and data. The team highly values the power of Digital Assets and strives to make this world a place with more economic freedom through public, open, fair, censorship-resistant networks that serve humanity.

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