EMRX to ESW SWAP step by step guide

Emirex Group | Nov 2, 2020 9:13:41 PM

Dear EMRX community, we value all EMRX holders, that's why we decided to offer you to preserve the value of your EMRX tokens at 0.4 USDT. This is a limited time offer! Number of slots is running out, so don't miss your chance.

EmiSwap AMM Exchange

Have you heard about the EmiSwap AMM exchange yet? We are offering all our EMRX token holders to become a co-owner of it!

EmiSwap is an automated market maker exchange with an ESW voting token. EmiSwap is the first project in the EmiDAO ecosystem. It is an open-source, decentralized platform, a fork of Uniswap V2 and Mooniswap.

ESW token has two main functions:

  • Decision-making. Any protocol changes is possible only through the community voting procedure among ESW token holders
  • Profit Share. 0.05% from exchange trading volume is distributed among ESW token holders

Crowdsale Terms

ESW is already on sale for a price 0.11 DAI and you can now use your EMRX to buy ESW and pay up to 50% of the cost. The other half can be paid in DAI. During the Swap the cost of EMRX is fixed at 0.4 DAI.

ESW vesting period is one year, with quarterly unlock of equal parts, and voting and governance privileges throughout the period and beyond.

You can read more information about Emiswap here:

EMRX to ESW Swap

In order to swap your EMRX to ESW now you need to:

  1. Register at Emirex.com and verify your Emirex Account up to Starter or Expert
  2. Top up your USDT balance to match the EMRX balance you want to swap in a 50/50 proportion. 

           You need 0.4 USDT per 1 EMRX for the swap. 

  1. Click here to Send us a Ticket titled “EMRX to ESW Swap” and mention:
  • Your email used for Emirex.com
  • Your UID
  • Your current USDT balance
  • How much USDT you want to invest
  • How much EMRX you want to swap 
  • Put your ERC-20 wallet address for ESW token distribution
  1. You will receive your ESW on the day of EmiSwap platform launch!

EmiSwap is a next generation AMM exchange. If you want to learn more about the project and find out why it is beneficial for you click here to book a quick meeting with our manager or get in touch.


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