Solve.Care and the Inevitable Future of Healthcare

Emirex Group | Jul 21, 2021 5:38:45 PM

Solve.Care is a healthcare platform company that is using blockchain in a highly innovative manner to decentralize, democratize, and improve healthcare interactions and transactions between all healthcare stakeholders, which include patients, doctors, insurance companies, medical facilities, benefits administrators, and more, worldwide.

The Solve.Care Platform has full-stack capabilities that leverage blockchain to deliver significant business value to individuals and enterprises. It allows for the rapid configuration and launch of digital health networks (Care Networks) that are automatically secure, tokenized, decentralized, and autonomous. The platform decentralizes healthcare by tokenizing 5 key aspects: Identity, Data, Consent, Transactions, and Payments.


Care.Wallet, Care.Protocol, Care.Cards, Care.Vault, the SOLVE token, and Care.Ledger are 6 key components of the platform, which provide a cutting-edge method to distribute benefits and protect all participants in alignment with no need for a central supervisor.


A personalized healthcare administrator for individuals and providers.


An immutable, decentralised application protocol that governs a Care Network.


Purpose-built applications inside the Care.Wallet that fit an individual's or provider’s specific needs.


Secure storage for data with managed access functions.

The SOLVE Token

A unique digital currency for healthcare, usable for transactions on the Solve.Care Platform


Events are recorded on a ledger that provides auditability based on permissions. 

What is the Solve.Care Foundation?

The Solve.Care Foundation was founded to decentralize, redefine and improve the way how healthcare is managed, accessed and delivered around the world. It aims to improve care results by coordinating care more effectively and reducing the costs of redundancy, disorganization, wastage, exploitation, and deception in the industry.

Solve.Care developers created, established, and released the Platform to revolutionize healthcare for people, employers, suppliers, executives, insurance providers, and government agencies around the globe by incorporating profound domain expertise in health and human services, benefits administration, and care coordination with the new developments in blockchain technology. Being an open platform, anyone can build and launch digital health networks (Care Networks), quickly and cost-effectively, to serve the different healthcare needs of their community.

Solve.Care ($SOLVE) is listed on the Emirex Exchange. Current available trading pair on the Emirex exchange: SOLVE/AED. Find more about Solve.Care by following their LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, or Telegram. Start trading $SOLVE now!

The SOLVE token

SOLVE is a utility token used for inter/intra network transactions and processing fees that are integrated into every digital health network. It is a real-world token that may be used to make payments to healthcare providers on the Solve.Care Platform. It could also be used for developer rights, staking, marketplace payments, and platform access fees, among other things. Following Solve.Care’s mission, $SOLVE is easily available, even to those who have little experience with digital currency.

About Emirex

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