What Is a Crypto Faucet?

Emirex Group | Jun 24, 2021 6:44:06 PM


A Bitcoin faucet is a site that rewards users with tiny amounts of bitcoin in exchange for completing simple activities. They're named faucets because the incentives are modest, similar to the trickling of water from a faucet, but in this instance, the water is money gently flowing into your wallet address.

Completing a captcha is the most common chore, although it might also require visiting websites or watching advertisements. Bitcoin faucet payouts are given in Satoshi which is worth 0.000000001 BTC.

The cryptocurrency earned through the faucet is put into a wallet on the faucet site and may be withdrawn to the user's selected wallet once the minimum payout threshold is met. It may just take a few days in certain circumstances, but it frequently takes a week or more to satisfy the minimum payment.

Cryptocurrency faucets, as you may have guessed, aren't a get-rich-quick strategy. The true allure is the prospect of a continued rise in the value of cryptocurrencies. So today's $0.10 faucet payout may be worth $1 or even $10 a year from now!

Purpose of Cryptocurrency Faucets

Cryptos are still relatively new, with many people across the world only beginning to understand what they are, let alone how to store them in cryptocurrency wallets or invest in them as part of a diversified portfolio of investments.

Bitcoin faucets were the first cryptocurrency faucets, and they were established to spread Bitcoin’s message when it was still relatively new. The concept was that if individuals were handed Bitcoin, they would understand it and contribute more to the fully decentralized currency. It was a low-risk technique of putting BTC into the hands of the general population.

Since Bitcoin faucets became so successful, other altcoins started to provide them as well. In many situations, they function as educational gateways on the coin they distribute. It's a simple method to get new people involved in crypto without spending effort at risk. People are always delighted to receive anything for free, therefore faucets have risen in appeal as hoped. 

Collecting From a Cryptocurrency Faucet

You'll need to discover a faucet initially, and indeed for their fame, there are many websites set up to keep track of a lot of them. Because most faucets have a minimum payout value, your coins will first be sent to the faucet's micro-wallet. You can transfer your earnings to your wallet after you reach the minimum payment. Nevertheless, many faucets will invite you to submit your wallet address as part of your account, and if you reach the faucet threshold, the amount would be instantly sent to your wallet.

What is a Micro-wallet?

A micro-wallet is closely related to standard PC or online wallets, but it varies in that it is designed to gather little quantities of crypto and is typically limited to the maximum quantity that it can contain. Micro-wallets are included with each faucet account and are used since the cost of moving the small quantities offered by the faucets will wipe out whatever gains you made. Using a micro-wallet helps you amass a bigger quantity of coins before moving it to your wallet, avoiding costs that would otherwise consume the whole transaction.

Why Are Faucets So Popular?

While cryptocurrency faucets were created to educate people about this financial asset, they are now being utilized to increase web traffic or just generate money. Faucets are generally excellent for delivering many visitors to web pages. As a result, several firms with crypto affiliations have used faucets to get more people acquainted with their brand or firm.

Advertising space on faucets can also be sold to generate cash. This became extremely tough in late 2017 as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rose in value, but the faucet model just became marginally viable again. However, the faucet advertising model has become a two-edged sword. The most successful pages could be packed with commercials, making them challenging to navigate. Nevertheless, if you demand free coins, you must make this sacrifice.

Faucets Bots and Faucet Rotators

These are two methods that individuals have discovered to avoid having to visit faucet sites and click links on faucet websites. Although automatic faucets completely automate the process and faucet rotators partly automate it, you won't be able to make much revenue from either.

Faucet Bots

The automated faucet is a type of bot that travels from page to page, but simply accessing the faucet site isn't the most optimal way for profit. Utilizing an automated faucet bot may not even earn you 1 Satoshi each day. Currently, 2,684 Satoshi = 1 USD. That implies it would take you around 18 years to earn $1 at a rate of 1 Satoshi every day. If Bitcoin is someday worth $1 million, your Satoshi will be worth significantly more than they are now. 

Faucet Rotators

There are also faucet rotators that make the procedure semi-automatic by automatically rotating the site you're on, but you still have to complete the chores to receive your cash. This is more profitable but time-consuming.

Although faucet bots are loved by users because they save them time and effort, they are despised by faucet operators since advertisers will not pay as much if they know that a portion of visitors to a faucet site are from bots rather than people.


If you want to earn cryptocurrencies for free, the faucet is the way to go. Just don't expect to get rich or even make enough to fill your tank unless cryptocurrency values skyrocket. However, it is a risk-free and stress-free method to learn about cryptocurrencies. Even though the approach is generally safe, fraudsters exist among crypto faucets as well, and you may come into a faucet that never pays off. Still, if you just want to earn some coins and get to know blockchain, then faucets can be ideal for you

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