Recap of AMA session with V Systems team

Emirex Group | Feb 19, 2021 1:31:10 PM

Dear EMIREX Community,

Thank you for participating in the AMA Session held on February, 16 on the Emirex Telegram group with David Jefferys, the Director of Business Development at V Systems.

For those of you who may have missed it, below is a transcript of the questions revealing the project and those that came up from different members of the community:

Can you tell us what is V Systems?

David: V Systems is a native blockchain project that was launched towards the end of 2018! With the goal of developing a versatile blockchain database platform that is very friendly for developers to (1). bootstrap their own projects via Staking 2.0 and (2) leverage for their blockchain or Dapp projects; wether DeFi, NFTs, Social, etc.

What is SPoS and who is Sunny King?

David: SPoS aka Supernode Proof-of-Stake is the consensus mechanism that secures the V Systems blockchain. SPoS is an improvement of Sunny King's original invention of Proof-of-Stake consensus, which he invented with the launch of Peercoin in 2012. It truly is an honor to work with someone so important in the industry.  As we all know, Proof-of-Stake seems to be taking over the whole industry!

What is Staking 2.0?

David: The major benifit of Staking 2.0 to Emirex users... is they will earn not only more VSYS by Staking VSYS to a Supernode of their choice but they will earn all the other V Systems ecosystem tokens as well; starting with Tachyon (IPX)! The above link is where your users can check out the different Supernodes. Another important thing to note... Unlike other popular native blockchain platforms... Supernodes on V Systems compete with each other and kick back a majority (about 80%) of the block reward to the network participants or users! V Systems is very friendly to the small staking user that wants to put some VSYS to work.

Can you tell us about Tachyon? What is it?

David: Tachyon is the first flagship ecosystem project on V Systems - a decentralized p2p VPN service. Tachyon was made possible with a broader partnership with the developer team behind the world class X-VPN application. Our aim with Tachyon is to deliver a true decentralized p2p VPN service on blockchain. Tachyon has it's own wallet app and staking opportunities as well. So Emirex users can stake their VSYS and not only earn more VSYS but they will earn IPX as well. And the Tachyon (IPX) can then be staked itself. Not many Dapps have 2.4 million users!

What's next in the V Systems ecosystem?

David: Dapps, Dapps, Dapps, and more Dapps We are always working to attract new projects and developers to our ecosystem. Right now, we have a few NFT and DeFi projects in the works - The closest to MVP is a NFT Yield Farming game called NFTOctopus. The next step with this project to finalize the Staking 2.0 for the NFTOctopus (OCT) game. OCT is the ticker. And we have a Wrapped OCT on Ethereum for cross chain interoperability. 

Can you tell us about the structure of V Systems ? Is it a company or a decentralized open source protocol that anyone can contribute to? Can you describe how V Systems operates, manages and works?

David: V Systems is a decentralized project at it's core but we have a company that acts as a steward of the project with a team all around the world.

The goal of the DeFi app is to create a new financial system that eliminates subjectivity, bias, and inefficiency by relying on programmable terms. Does the V Systems network support this vision and how does it participate in the DEFI space?

David: With Staking 2.0, V Systems was ahead of the DeFi game.

What is the token name of the V Systems project?

David: V Systems (VSYS);  Tachyon (IPX);  NFTOctopus (OCT).

How did V Systems survive in during long bear market? Can you share us on recent achievement your team are most of?

David: We love bear markets because bear markets are for building, developing, making deals, and relationships.  We love bulls and bears! There's always opportunity in Crypto.

Does the marketing aim at business clients or private investors? Which is more important to V Systems?

David: The marketing and business focus is on landing large partnerships like we did with the X-VPN team and Tachyon. We find large established entities that want to "go blockchain" and we provide the blockchain knowledge and industry expertise.

Where do you see your project in 2-5 years?

David: Back in the top 100 on CoinMarketCap is always the dream!

In recent months or weeks, there have been many failed and disappearing projects because the tokens have decreased in price or become ashes, how can V Systems convince us not to do that, what are the ways to make your coin price stable?

David: V Systems has been around since the end of 2018 and under development long before that.  Having Sunny King, the inventor of Proof-of-Stake, as our Chief Architect speaks for itself.

Once again, thank you all for your continuous support and participation. We are grateful that you have expressed an interest and the activity in chatting!

If you want to find more information about V Systems, you can check our review article: 

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Stay tuned for more updates!



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