Announcing the NEXT Protocol IEO on the Emirex Exchange

Emirex Group | Feb 5, 2021 11:39:11 AM

Emirex exchange, a digital exchange platform headquartered in Dubai, is excited to announce its IEO partnership with NEXT Protocol. This UAE based company, programs and adapts blockchain and DeFi driven Robotics to assist humans in retail and commercial workplaces. 

  • The much-anticipated IEO launched on February 4th, 2021, 9 PM GMT.
  • The NEXT (NEXT Protocol token) is priced at $0.1/NEXT on Emirex Exchange.
  • The Total supply is 20,000,000 NEXT
  • The IEO token allocation is 5,000,000 NEXT (25%)

The funding model called Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) backed by Emirex exchange raises the curtain on the promising projects and drives growth, internationalization, and effectiveness for their technology. With great experience, our exchange provides startups to swiftly raise their funds directly by interacting back to back and providing various incentive programs. Emirex acts as an intermediary that does the screening, upon which the tokens are minted and sent to the exchange before the IEO. After the IEO, the tokens are immediately tradable at the exchange, which provides easy access to trading and liquidity. Furthermore, IEO on Emirex exchange highlights the following:

  • Access for a large audience
  • Verification by exchange specialists
  • Optimization of the process of entering the trading platform

One such rapidly developing project is the NEXT Protocol that helps to build, create and collaborate next-generation robot and its associated application to real-life problem-solving use cases like Covid scenarios, Robot Gaming and Robot NFTs. NEXT Protocol allows easy publication of Robot Services using its Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots, enabling the Robots to run with its tokens (deploy and Mint business-specific ERC20 robo tokens) and, sell these Robot services in marketplaces. Each robot earnings are shared with the Token holders who stake their Robot Tokens and get yield.

NEXT Token allows:

  • Developers to build their Robot Application with their customized tokens in the marketplace for businesses and companies to consume and deploy.
  • Companies to onboard and deploy Robot with its prebuilt applications. They can float projects for the developers to build new functionality as well.
  • Gamers to build Robot games on the ROS and run them on Hexacore processors and play as well as compete in events.
  • Robot token holders to stake tokens to earn partial (e.g. 50%) Rental yields for Robot applications that are being used in  business scenarios through Blockchain Wallet Node (tracker) for each Robot.

NEXT Protocol aims to change the world by integrating robots into the daily lives of everyone for a more intelligent way of life through Blockchain, DeFi, and Robotics. Users and businesses are offered the opportunity to create Robot Assets, build & deploy them with DeFi properties for real-life use cases and earn through Next Protocol.

For more information review the article called “Introduction to NEXT Protocol”.

To take part in NEXT Protocol IEO on Emirex exchange click here.

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